Sirje Ahvenlampi-Hyvönen
Head of Communications

Now in its 16th year, The Art of Basware is encouraging young international artists to embody ‘Achievement’ for this year’s competition.

‘Achievement’ is a fitting theme. On one hand, we offer young people an outlet to develop their skills and show us their creative achievements in the form of an art submission to the competition. And on the other, I’m really proud that as the competition has grown, the achievement of the winning artist is now recognised on an international scale.

The winning artwork and shortlisted entries will be shown at an exhibition at the Helsinki Music Centre and receive great publicity. So not only does the competition celebrate the creativity and talent of these young artists, but it also supports their career path and development.

Many people won’t make an automatic link between Basware’s business and art. But I believe that achievement is a common thread that ties together creativity and commerce.

With the leading portfolio of global networked purchase-to-pay solutions spanning e-invoicing to innovative financing services, we are focused on helping our customers gain a more streamlined, non-manual way of processing payments and following up on invoices. As a result customers are able to execute on-time payments to their suppliers, which strengthens relationships. But did you know that this is just the beginning of what we enable our customers to achieve?

The time and cost savings made from moving away from manual operations means that businesses can focus on tasks that are core to growth and innovation. We see ourselves as an enabler of greater achievement in that sense.

Basware as a corporation is getting more creative and achieving greater things, albeit without the use of a paintbrush! From establishing our new Financing Services business to transforming the way businesses pay and get paid through our new Basware Pay solution, we’re thinking about new ways to extend value to our customers. Seeing what the young artists in The Art of Basware can achieve is a continual inspiration to us all.

Are you interested in hearing more about The Art of Basware? Submission to the competition is free and entries must be received by 27 March 2015. We’re encouraging global artists under 30 years of age to submit images of up to three entries. These can be in any material or medium and the contestants will be with the chance to win a grand prize of €5,000.

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