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How Basware helps accounts payable managers

Streamline invoice processing across the accounts payable department so you can increase productivity, reduce errors and enable the company to capture early pay discounts.


It's time to transform your manual processes and be more effective with AP automation

Are you fed-up with miskeyed invoices, constantly fielding questions about late payment from suppliers, or not having the data you need to easily answer questions from the finance director?

Save money

Save money

Eliminate paper and process invoices faster to cut operational costs and capture early payment discounts.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Drastically reduce errors, eliminate manual activities and paper handling, and avoid complexity. Automatically archive and retrieve invoices for a faster, more seamless process.

Save time

Save time

Improve compliance and empower suppliers to see the status of their payments any time – ultimately saving your team significant time and increasing productivity in AP.

Gain insight

Gain insight

Predict pending payments easily and deliver data to help finance and treasury forecast more accurately.

McDonald's Germany cuts invoice processing from 20 days to 7

McDonald's Germany wanted to process invoices like they produce food - fast. The company now handles 270,000 invoices a year from 30,000 suppliers in 13 days less than before. e-Invoicing has saved the company time and money when processing invoices.

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Transform Accounts Payable

Revolutionize how your team works with the speed and accuracy that automation delivers. Encourage cross-functional collaboration, ensure compliance and focus your team on adding more strategic value to the business.

See how we can help solve your problems

Take your team to the next level. Book a demonstration to see how an automated AP process can make your team more productive and use their talents to benefit the business.

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