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28 Jan2016

And the Winner is…

Thursday, 28 Jan 2016

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11 Jan2016

Mobility makes AP Automation work efficiently – for profit

Monday, 11 Jan 2016

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11 Dec2015

Handling expense reports on the go is easy, and helps get things done

Friday, 11 Dec 2015

In the olden days, people kept their mementos in shoeboxes. Since then, mementos have turned into digital photographs and videos which are stored in the cloud. Alas, shoeboxes still somehow found a second life in a different role: storing travel expenses (rece...

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08 Dec2015

See more, do more – cash management through visibility

Tuesday, 8 Dec 2015

Businesses typically have quite a low percentage of spend that is under management. It’s a tricky area to master as it relies on everyone in the business committing to some sort of process. Travel and expenses are the prime examples - often they’re...

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04 Dec2015

Accounts Payable – From Cost Center to Profit Center

Friday, 4 Dec 2015

My colleague Andrew discussed the changing role of Accounts Payable in his blog post a while back. He said that in his role as Business Consultant he discusses extensively with different organization what the role of Accounts Payable today is and what it shoul...

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19 Nov2015

One payment strategy does not fit all

Thursday, 19 Nov 2015

Business networks have caused an evolution in purchase-to-pay

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17 Nov2015

Using spend analytics to identify your highest value suppliers

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015

In my previous blog post, I introduced a new approach to spend management across the organization. Making spend visible to each business manager - using self-service spend analytics - builds a great foundation.

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05 Nov2015

Early bird catches the worm – how early pays can affect the cash flow

Thursday, 5 Nov 2015

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the findings of our recently published commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Basware titled, “The Total Economic Impact of Basware Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Software Solution”.

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30 Oct2015

Certainty and confidence – critical factors in seeing the bigger picture and avoiding a short-termism approach

Friday, 30 Oct 2015

In my recent blog post I addressed the importance of having a structure that allows you to plan for the future, while also being able to act in the here and now. But this requires a certain confidence that what you are doing in business terms is ‘right&r...

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27 Oct2015

Jumping on the e-invoicing bandwagon: The US embraces electronic invoicing

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015

Forward-thinking governments across the world are moving to electronic invoicing.

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