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06 Mar2018

Bridging the Talent Gap in Procurement: Attracting New Hires in a Digital World

Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018

Kevin Bonsall
Product Manager, e-Procurement

According to The Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2017, 87% of the respondents agree that talent is the single greatest factor in driving procurement performance. But the...

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01 Mar2018

What is Purchase-to-Pay and why would you automate?

Thursday, 1 Mar 2018

Jamie Taylor,
Senior Account Manager

Purchase-to-Pay (sometimes referred to as Procure-to-Pay and often abbreviated to P2P) is shorthand for the process from point of order to payment, spanning the activities of requisiti...

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26 Feb2018

More Money, More Problems: The Cash Flow Conundrum

Monday, 26 Feb 2018

Lauri Palokangas
Product Marketing Director

Think of a financially healthy large company in the U.S. or Europe. What does that bring to your mind? Fluid processes, solid order intake, satisfied employees and a broad lands...

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07 Feb2018

Feed the Need: Why Procurement Data is Essential for AI

Wednesday, 7 Feb 2018

Lindsay Munn
Global Content Manager

This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research report the importance of identifying and ensuring access to procurement data for a future with artificial intelligen...

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05 Feb2018

What is Dynamic Discounting?

Monday, 5 Feb 2018

Jamie Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Interest rates are still hovering at historically low levels, yet many companies are still using payment terms as a financial instrument to manage their funds. Invoices are either paid...

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29 Jan2018

What is e-Procurement?

Monday, 29 Jan 2018

Jamie Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Electronic procurement – or e-Procurement, as it’s more commonly known – is where an organisation uses the internet (or sometimes intranet) to procure the goods and se...

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25 Jan2018

5 Change Management Ideas to Build Excitement for AP Automation

Thursday, 25 Jan 2018

Tanja Rauniaho-Mitchell
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Picture this: senior management has agreed the company should implement an Accounts Payable (AP) Automation system. The key stakeholders have selected a projec...

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23 Jan2018

Data Science & Analytical Skills Required: What Procurement Needs for a Future of AI

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Lindsay Munn
Content Manager

This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research reportthe skill set you should be developing in the procurement department for a future with artificial i...

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16 Jan2018

New Year’s Resolution: Automate More of Your Invoice Processing

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Sami Peltonen
VP of Purchase to Pay

While you’re working on those personal goals in 2018, make a promise to your professional self and we’ll help you keep it. Read on to learn how Basware’s smart coding...

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09 Jan2018

What User Adoption of e-Procurement has to do with Artificial Intelligence (according to Gartner)

Tuesday, 9 Jan 2018

Lindsay Munn
Content Manager

This blog addresses a key point from Gartner’s recent research reportthe role user adoption of e-procurement plays in embracing new technology like artificial intellige...

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