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19 Jan2017

Basware continues to add value to the network

Thursday, 19 Jan 2017

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15 Dec2016

Budget Planning: 3 Reasons Why Procurement Should Attend Budget Review Meetings

Thursday, 15 Dec 2016

Holiday parties are not the only activities happening around this time of year when the phrase “the more the merrier” rings true. The same can be said about budget review meetings as organizers think about who should attend these sessions. Often, C...

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29 Nov2016

P2P Automation in 2017: Research to Look at for Building Your Invoice Automation and e-Procurement Business Case

Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016

What are people saying about the future of technology? Automation is still king. Automating more and more aspects of life continues to be a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down. From business processes to housework (who’s ready for a laund...

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22 Nov2016

Creating a Culture of Spend Stewardship with WeProcurement™: A Case Study

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016

The first installments in our blog series on the WeProcurement™ approach explained what it means to build relevance, intelligence, and awareness into an e-procurement system to achieve maximum user adoption and create...

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21 Nov2016

Getting smart about value of data and data driven automation

Monday, 21 Nov 2016

Accurate and relevant data directly impacts business success. That may seem like an obvious statement, but when you think that many companies don’t have visibility of basic transactional data, it’s very relevant. These organisations can’t rel...

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20 Oct2016

E-invoicing: The Accounts Payable (AP) best practice behind productivity

Thursday, 20 Oct 2016

Financial organizations are often on the lookout for the next step in efficiency. For the last few years, businesses have consistently prioritized any effort that can increase productivity, improve reporting and accounts payable analytics, or reduce invoice pr...

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18 Oct2016

3 Things We Learned at Basware Connect 2016 in North America

Tuesday, 18 Oct 2016

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13 Oct2016

Making e-Procurement Smarter for Everyone: A Case Study

Thursday, 13 Oct 2016

In recent posts of this series, we took a look at what it means to build relevance and intelligence into an eProcurement system, explaining the first two the pillars of the WeProcurement™ approach. This week, let’s look at procurement case study us...

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04 Oct2016

Drive growth by joining Basware Connect

Tuesday, 4 Oct 2016

Autumn is here again. It's time to look forward for Finance and Procurement professionals to meet at Basware Connect events and work together to lead the way in identifying new market and profit opportunities, strengthen r...

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28 Sep2016

Making e-Procurement Smarter for Everyone with WeProcurement™

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016

Beginning our series on the WeProcurement™, my first post took a look at what it means to build Relevance into an e-procurement system to make e-procurement make sense to users. Continuing with our series, I will continue on the topic of e-procurement be...

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