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13 Mar2018

5 Ways to Slice & Dice Spend Data for Cost Reduction

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2018

Tanja Rauniaho-Mitchell
Senior Product Marketing Manager
78% of CPOs say cost reduction remains a top focus.

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07 Mar2018

5 Reasons Your Enterprise Organisation Should Join the Basware Network

Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018

Michael Jasper
Director of Network and Financing Services, Americas and APAC

There’s been a lot of buzz over the past few months about business commerce networks with an influx of articles, whitepapers, analyst repo...

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06 Mar2018

Bridging the Talent Gap in Procurement: Attracting New Hires in a Digital World

Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018

Kevin Bonsall
Product Manager, e-Procurement

According to The Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2017, 87% of the respondents agree that talent is the single greatest factor in driving procurement performance. But the...

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01 Mar2018

What is Purchase-to-Pay and why would you automate?

Thursday, 1 Mar 2018

Jamie Taylor,
Senior Account Manager

Purchase-to-Pay (sometimes referred to as Procure-to-Pay and often abbreviated to P2P) is shorthand for the process from point of order to payment, spanning the activities of requisiti...

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26 Feb2018

More Money, More Problems: The Cash Flow Conundrum

Monday, 26 Feb 2018

Lauri Palokangas
Product Marketing Director

Think of a financially healthy large company in the U.S. or Europe. What does that bring to your mind? Fluid processes, solid order intake, satisfied employees and a broad lands...

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05 Feb2018

What is Dynamic Discounting?

Monday, 5 Feb 2018

Jamie Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Interest rates are still hovering at historically low levels, yet many companies are still using payment terms as a financial instrument to manage their funds. Invoices are either paid...

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29 Jan2018

What is e-Procurement?

Monday, 29 Jan 2018

Jamie Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Electronic procurement – or e-Procurement, as it’s more commonly known – is where an organisation uses the internet (or sometimes intranet) to procure the goods and se...

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25 Jan2018

5 Change Management Ideas to Build Excitement for AP Automation

Thursday, 25 Jan 2018

Tanja Rauniaho-Mitchell
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Picture this: senior management has agreed the company should implement an Accounts Payable (AP) Automation system. The key stakeholders have selected a projec...

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16 Jan2018

New Year’s Resolution: Automate More of Your Invoice Processing

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

Sami Peltonen
VP of Purchase to Pay

While you’re working on those personal goals in 2018, make a promise to your professional self and we’ll help you keep it. Read on to learn how Basware’s smart coding...

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08 Dec2017

Hot right now! Present & future developments in the Basware solution roadmap

Friday, 8 Dec 2017

Ilari Nurmi
SVP Purchase to Pay, Basware

Basware’s purpose is to help P2P organisations simplify operations and spend smarter. We have released several innovations in recent months that can help businesses to drive...

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