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07 Nov2017

Why Data is the Alpha And Omega of the Future

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2017

Eric Wilson
VP of Purchase to Pay

Do you feel like your procurement team is in good shape when it comes to your existing e-procurement solution? Sure you won't get "stuck" with an obsolete system? Think abou...

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12 Oct2017

Why strategy, not just technology, is the real driver of P2P innovation

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017

Theresa Lacey
Senior Product Manager

It’s not often you hear from someone who works for a software company that software is not the answer to everything. But that was precisely my opening gambit as I addressed a pac...

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03 Oct2017

The Dirty Little Secret about Supplier Networks

Tuesday, 3 Oct 2017

Eric Wilson
VP of Purchase to Pay

Let me tell you a dirty little secret about supplier networks: solution providers aren't telling you everything about their ability to connect your suppliers to their network. 

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21 Sep2017

Improve Your Supply Chain and Your Profit Margin: Why You Should Adopt Dynamic Discounting

Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

Troels Erland Jensen
Head of Working Capital Advisory, Nordea
Dynamic discounting may not exactly be the new kid on the working capital block, but recently there has been a significant uptick in the adoption of this...

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19 Sep2017

Strategic Procurement: A CFO's Guide to Getting There

Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017

Niclas Rosenlew

What do we hear from procurement professionals all the time in the industry of Procure to Pay? “Help me be more strategic” or “I want to demonstrate the value of procurement” or...

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06 Sep2017

The Dirty Little Secrets of Procure to Pay

Wednesday, 6 Sep 2017

Eric Wilson
VP of Purchase to Pay

Let me tell you a dirty little secret of Procure to Pay: solution providers aren't telling you everything about their AP Automation capabilities. 

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03 Jul2017

What a sandwich shop is teaching us about being agile

Monday, 3 Jul 2017

Pret’s veggie “feature” development illustrates some key concepts of agile product management. It also demonstrates the importance of making small investments early on in the development phase in order to test an idea. Though the actual produ...

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28 Jun2017

Fundraising for WaterAid

Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

In our active society, it’s easy to forget how privileged we are. Fortunately, your employer might bring you to places such as the Wateraid office in London where the photographs on the wall are so striking that you must stop and stare. They show childre...

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13 Apr2017

Historical and future trends in AP

Thursday, 13 Apr 2017

To understand where AP is headed, it’s worth a backwards glance to remind ourselves where we’ve come from. Jimmy LeFever, Research Director at PayStream Advisors, gave an inspiring presentation at last year’s UK Basware Connect event in that...

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07 Apr2017

Preparing for Payment Practice and Performance Reporting

Friday, 7 Apr 2017

Why is prompt payment a priority in 2017?

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They represent over 99% of the five and a half million private sector businesses that make up UK plc, so they’re crucial to driving...

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