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14 May2019

Visible Commerce Catches Eyes at Basware Connect, North America

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Tommy Benston
Vice President of Client Success

At the recent North American Basware Connect conference, both Spend Matters and IDC took note of the importance of this year’s theme “Visible Comme...

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28 Nov2018

Data in, value out: AI in Finance and Procurement

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018

Lapa Palokangas,
Director, Product Marketing and Sales Enablement,

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21 Nov2018

Transhumanism – On the merger of minds and machines

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018

Mark O’Connell,
Author of ‘To Be a Machine’ 
In his book “Mind Children: the Future of Robot and Human Intelligence”, Professor Hans Moravec, a specialist in cognitive robotics, argues that...

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14 Nov2018

AI and the next frontiers of business

Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

Rohit Talwar, Futurist, Author & Advisor

Our current challenge is to give ourselves permission to wake up to how fast the world is changing. Two planets are colliding – the physical world, where business such as airli...

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18 Oct2018

How to Rock the Future with Committed Spend Analytics

Thursday, 18 Oct 2018

Kevin Kamau,
P2P Analytics Product Manager,
According to a benchmarking report by ProcureCon, spend analysis is the most popular automated procurement process among their survey respondents, with 2/3...

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23 Aug2018

How Guiding Buying Increases Contract Compliance

Thursday, 23 Aug 2018

Tomi Lindholm,
Procurement Product Management Director

Cost reduction continues to be a primary focus for procurement leaders, with 78% of respondents to the Deloitte 2018 CPO Survey identifying cost reduct...

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08 Aug2018

Using AI, RPA and Machine Learning in Finance and Procurement: Reality or Just Hype?

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2018

Michael Pyliotis
VP Basware APAC

So much is being said about the power of emerging technologies. But have they emerged already / are they in use? And what does this have to do with Steve Jobs? This blog post takes a brief...

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06 Aug2018

Create a Perfect e-Procurement World with Advanced Technology

Monday, 6 Aug 2018

Sami Peltonen, VP of Purchase to Pay

Only 3 percent of procurement leaders believe their staff possess all the skills required to maximise use of digital capabilities.

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13 Jul2018

A Day in the Life of Basware’s Innovation Engine: Ideate, Iterate, Refine

Friday, 13 Jul 2018

Kevin Bonsall
Senior e-Procurement Product Manager, Basware
“By 2022, 50% of all legacy spend analysis software will be retired; replaced by artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, cloud -based solutions.&r...

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26 Jun2018

Alchemy Club: The Future Role of the CPO

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018

Louis Fernandes
VP & Country Manager, UKI

Disruptive Technologies in the Procurement Function

A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to be part of an Alchemy Club event wher...

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