Visible Commerce Catches Eyes at Basware Connect, North America

14 May 2019

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Visible Commerce Catches Eyes at Basware Connect, North America

At the recent North American Basware Connect conference, both Spend Matters and IDC took note of the importance of this year’s theme “Visible Commerce.” Here’s what they had to say.


Basware Connect conferences are annual events designed specifically for Procurement, Finance, and Accounts Payable professionals to come together and learn about the latest trends in their fields.

Visible Commerce

This year, Basware Connect North America focused on the idea of “Visible Commerce,” an idea that promotes the collaboration of technology and data to make better businesses and better people. It’s a way to bridge the gap between the artificial traits of technology and the humanistic nature of people.

Viewing the relationship between technology and humans in a symbiotic light opens the door to a better source to pay, aligning automation and human talents for better business decisions.


IDC and Making Commerce Visible 

IDC covered the highlights of North America’s Basware Connect in their article “Basware Connect 2019: Making Commerce Visible.” In it, they discuss their take on this year’s theme and the many technological advancements Basware has introduced to our award-winning source-to-pay solutions, such as:


Spend Matters and the Future of Visibility

Spend Matter’s article “Basware Connect 2019 Chicago: ‘Visible Commerce’ — A Look at the Future of Visibility Itself” discusses the hard-hitting topic covered at Basware Connect. Read the article to learn more about

  • The importance of visibility into the supply chain— not just “suppliers,

  • How and why it’s imperative to use data to gain insights and help your business grow, and

  • The rise of physical, financial, and information supply chains.


A Record Year 

This year’s conference was held over three days in Chicago, Illinois at The Langham. It was a record-breaking year with 234 attendees and the most sponsorship collected out of all Connect conferences to date. Here’s a few scenes from around the event.





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