Rowan Lemley
Senior Product Marketing Manager

What is an e-invoicing network?

Before answering the question, let’s clarify further what a network is. A few years ago, a network might well have been described as an infrastructure or a collection of point to point connections. To be fair, a network is an infrastructure - but these days it’s also more.

B2B networks have become e-commerce market places where businesses and governments connect, transact and collaborate. B2B networks have become the new frontier and are doing for business what Facebook did to personal networks: they are making it easier to do business  - just like Facebook makes it easier to stay connected with friends.

Why your choice of e-invoicing network matters

So, choosing the right network – why should you care? For starters, some networks will charge you and others won’t. Some will charge you per transaction, some will be free, and still others will charge you a percentage of the transaction. Those are three very different models which you need to consider. How do you want to be charged?

Another thing to consider is the fact that there are multiple networks out there and if you join one, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to connect with trading partners who are on other networks – this is an obvious issue because when your network reach is limited based on the network you chose then that network’s value is diminished – as are your commercial opportunities. Do you want to join an open network or a closed one? My recommendation is always go for open.

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Same time, same place – see you here. Until then, go read the eBook.