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Challenges of Working with an On-Premise Solution

Challenges of Working with an On-Premise Solution

Is your organisation under pressure to reduce technology-related costs while also increasing the reliability, agility, flexibility, and sustainability of your core financial operation systems? If you're not using a cloud-based purchase-to-pay system, you're probably facing problems like these:

  • You're unable to leverage new technology and scale your purchase-to-pay process in order to support company growth, profitability, and compliance.
  • You're wasting time, dealing with erroneous data, and accruing high operational costs because of outdated tools and manual processes.
  • Poor user experience for purchasing goods and services is leading to maverick spending, lots of invoice exceptions and long invoice processing times, and a lack of user adoption across the entire company.
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Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Purchase to Pay in the Cloud

On-premise installations are a thing of the past. But the good news is, your business can soar to new heights by embracing cloud-based technology.

Optimum Performance

As a SaaS system, the platform is built around cloud computing, making it resilient to the failure of individual hardware components. This also means all of your files and data are backed up and equipped with proper recovery procedures in case of a system failure. Basware Purchase to Pay is designed for SaaS delivery and runs on a modern cloud platform, ensuring that the application is providing optimum performance when you need it.

The Latest Features & Functionality

Basware uses a continuous delivery method with an automated delivery pipeline to continuously release small updates. This is a huge benefit for customers because our modern cloud architecture doesn't require any work from the customer, freeing up their time and allowing the update to take place in the background. This also means you're constantly getting access to the latest and greatest technology in purchase to pay in the form of new features and improved functionality.

Security & Compliance

With a cloud solution, you’re backed by the leading technology and around-the-clock protection from providers like Amazon Web Services. And, cloud purchase-to-pay solution providers like Basware stay up on the latest compliance requirements and build features into solutions to ensure you meet the regulations and standards required for your business and do not run the risk of non-compliance. All operational data is backed up and transactional data is stored. All backups are held in a separate physical location from the servers. This means the software and its information is hardware independent, providing you with maximum protection against information loss.

Optimise Spend Management

Get 100% Spend Visibility

  • Offer an intuitive user shopping experience from any device enabling 100% user adoption
  • Deliver catalogs, supplier webshops, and free text forms to capture all your spend
  • Direct users to products and services that keep costs down and compliance up
  • Gain insights into invoice receiving channels and connect 100% of your suppliers to increase your data quality and overall automation
  • Process 100% of invoices electronically - all formats and types covering direct and indirect spend for PO and Non-PO invoices.

Deliver Advanced Automation in AP

  • Use best fit and line-level matching for direct and indirect PO invoice matching to create a touchless process
  • Speed up and automate recurring and non-PO invoice recognition with payment plans
  • Get fast and accurate cost allocation with advanced technology using machine learning
  • Easily configure approval workflows for non-PO invoices and exceptions.

Get Powerful Analytics & Insights

  • Increase purchase-to-pay process performance and spend management through actionable analytics for AP and procurement
  • Visualise your data in easy-to-read charts and graphics
  • Access out-of-the-box dashboards, configurable reports, and peer benchmarking to set goals, track progress, and achieve targets.

Stay Equipped with the Latest Technology

Upgrades for Best Practices & Innovation

  • Get monthly, automatic, and non-intrusive upgrades that work seamlessly in the background and deliver the latest Basware innovations and improvements
  • Eliminate on-site upgrades, get rid of the maintenance burden, and relieve strain on IT that comes with manual software updates.

Improve Security and Risk Management

  • Use a cloud-based platform that is scalable, secure, and certified by a third party
  • Ensure compliance with data centers in the U.S., Europe, and APAC that meet local and global requirements
  • Work with Basware to decide between several levels of Service Level Agreement (SLA) options. These are contracts made between Basware and the customer that define the level of service and assistance that best fit the needs of the customer’s organisation. Depending on who a company has on staff and what sort of capacity the team has, customised SLAs ensure each organisation receives the exact attention and assistance they require.

Exceed Your Goals with Agility & Scalability

Deploy Globally, Adapt Locally

  • Basware solutions are optimised for Shared Services with multi-ERP connections, multi-language preferences, and global geographic reach.
  • Basware solutions are equipped with mobile-optimised end-user experiences, including discussions and smart automation​.
  • Flexible company structure with organisation-specific configuration (scaled flexibility).
  • Since Basware is a global company, we’re prepared to handle currency transactions and can help you address those compliance needs.
  • Basware has more than 220+ interoperability partners around the world to ensure customers have as much access to as many buyers and suppliers as possible.
  • Since the Basware Network is the world’s largest open business network, customers can expand their reach and connections and have the tools to support continued business growth.

Achieve ROI & Value Quickly

  • Go paperless on Day 1
  • Global scalability to roll-out for all your locations
  • Solutions to easily connect all your suppliers
  • Fast cloud implementation and seamless integration
  • Gain savings on IT hardware, software, and maintenance costs
  • Free up your IT team to contribute to more value-adding business objectives, not on-premise updates
  • Scalable and predictable pricing models to address all your spend and invoices
  • Access necessary information on-the-go, wherever you are

Benefit from Basware's experience

  • Basware’s team of market-leading experts help customers driving continuous value and develop the maturity needed to reach their version of success.
  • Continuously educate your business and improve your processes with the help of experienced purchase-to-pay experts
  • Benchmark yourself against top-performing companies.

How does this set us apart?

  • We're a winning P2P automation solution that helps with reducing processing times, costs, and shifts the focus to analytics for an insights-based purchase-to-pay strategy.
  • You'll get better security when you're on the cloud because of the continual protection through providers like Amazon Web Services.
  • Our software is always up-to-date with the best practices and the latest innovations. We offer a purchase experience that's easy to use and preferred by end-users.
  • Basware's Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Information Management, and Financing Services offer your company room for growth and profitability.
  • Feel prepared for your next big, strategic step through analytics, business consulting, and CSM.
  • We offer a true procurement and AP automation hub, with configurable and flexible routing and workflows
  • Through the cloud, our solution can capture 100% of client spend and invoices, regardless of invoice format (EDI, XML, PDF or paper)
  • We offer touchless invoice processing for PO and non-PO based invoices, including payment plans for recurring and schedule based payments that don’t require an invoice
  • Customers enjoy global reach and localised services and local operations in several countries
  • As a global company with users in over 100 countries and multilanguage and multi-currency support, Basware allows customers to easily comply with the tax regimes and compliance requirements of all countries worldwide.