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Improve Your Cash Flow and Bottom Line

Optimise working capital with the right strategy and tools for success.

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Improve your balance sheet, generate savings, and optimise cash flow.

If you’re at a large company, you know that cash on-hand is not always a good thing. With interest rates at a historical low, you need to get large amounts of cash off the balance sheet and generate profits from the cash. Meanwhile, if you’re at a smaller company, you know that cash on-hand is what you need to grow and invest in your business. While financing is readily available, you’re limited to how much you can take.

Tied Up Working Capital

Financial performance is often hampered by the amount of cash tied up in operational expenses. Most companies have large amounts of cash tied up in business processes and inventory. Insufficient cash has a negative effect on bottom line, company performance, and future decision-making.

Your AP Process Isn't Optimised

You may have an automated AP function, but the way you're paying isn't fine-tuned for maximum savings. Without a proper plan that takes into account different timings and payment methods for various invoice and supplier types, you're missing out on accurate cash flow forecasts, new ways to generate more profit, and opportunities to benefit suppliers.

Supply Chain Risk

Financially unstable suppliers pose risk to the supply chain. They may struggle to find cost-effective financing options, which can, in turn, pose risk to their customers. When you have extended days payable outstanding (DPO) agreements with your suppliers, this can contribute to their unfavorable cash position. You need a way for suppliers to get paid quickly (even if you want to extend your payment times for your company to hold onto cash longer).

Free Your Working Capital

Find the right financing services to make faster and easier payments and improve cash flow for both suppliers and buyers. By focusing on working capital optimisation and using new technologies, you can get a better return and free-up working capital from your operations.

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Free Your Working Capital

"It's easier for our suppliers and customers to do business with us. With Basware, we have been able to unlock valuable time and financial capital back into our systems to give our fund managers a more competitive advantage."

Mike Tweedie, IT Applications Manager, TH Real Estate

How Financing Services Improves Working Capital

Suppliers and buyers both improve their cash flow through more visibility into payments. By leveraging financing services, you're creating a win-win situation of financial viability for you and your suppliers.

More Savings

Transform AP from a cost center into a profit generator. You can actually increase your savings by capturing early payment discounts, collecting cash back from virtual card payments, and saving on processing costs with more automation.

Better Cash Flow Management

Use financing services to better manage how you use money in your organisation. Larger companies can offer financing solutions to their suppliers to support cash requirements while improving their own margins and working capital position. Smaller companies can get the capital they need to improve their business. This means no matter your company size, you can keep the right amount of cash on-hand and properly forecast future needs.

Supply Chain Resilience

Set up early payment programs for different suppliers with terms and timelines that suit both them and you. Recruit suppliers to payment programs easily online to get paid early. Leverage Basware’s supplier enablement services to improve supplier on-boarding and your time to realised value. Offer suppliers an option to choose when to take payments depending on their cash flow needs, so you're supporting their growth and innovation efforts.

Best AP Solution Provider

Best AP Solution Provider

Best Web-Based Supply Chain Finance

Best Web-Based Supply Chain Finance

Best Integrated Working Capital Mgt

Best Integrated Working Capital Mgt

Key Features of Financing Services

Dynamic Discounting

The “dynamic” part of a dynamic discount program means that the amount of discount is determined daily based on an agreement between you and your supplier which allows you to receive the maximum discount on approved invoices by paying on the earliest day possible and a moderate discount on invoices paid a little later. So, the faster you pay, the higher the discount you receive.

On-Demand Dynamic Discounting

On-demand dynamic discounting is just how it sounds – it’s available and suppliers take it when they need it. This enables them to hand-pick which invoices they want to receive early payment on. If they need cash on-hand, they accept the early payment and the buyer gets a discount. If they can wait longer, they accept payment at a later date and the buyer gets a lower discount. On-demand dynamic discounting offers a more tailored and flexible payment plan to meet suppliers’ needs, helping to build stronger supplier relationships, support their cash flow needs and ensure supply chain resilience.

Basware Payments

Make payments seamless, faster, and easier with payments automation and virtual card solutions. Suppliers get paid faster and buyers can extend payment terms, improving working capital for everyone. And buyers can collect cash back rewards on virtual card payments, generating more working capital.