Webinar -Take AP Automation Further with a Consultative Partner

Webinar -Take AP Automation Further with a Consultative Partner

AP automation offers companies soft and hard dollar savings by enabling finance leaders to simplify operations and spend smarter. But it’s not as simple as adding automation to existing operations. Get the most bang for your buck and maximise value by working with a consultative solution provider – learn how in this webinar.

The promise to increase payment cycle times, prevent late fees, eliminate manual processes and rid your office of paper is certainly enticing and will produce savings, but how much you will save is dependent on the capabilities of the AP automation solution, the way your processes are re-engineered, and the methods used to implement and roll out your new solution – all which hinge on choosing the right partner. 

Register for this webinar featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Duncan Jones, and Basware’s Director of Network and Financing Services, Mike Jasper, to learn how to take AP Automation to the next level with the right partner. 

By working with a partner who has tenure in the industry and takes a consultative approach to guiding you through the process of buying, implementing and launching an AP automation solution, you can reap the benefits of:

  • A business network that drives more value: These days it’s not about joining a business network – it’s about which network delivers you the most value. Your consultative partner should deliver the AP automation solution over a business network that can capture and process 100% of your invoices (all types, all formats, PO & non-PO, direct/indirect) and easily connect 100% of your suppliers worldwide, because they understand the value this brings to your business – spend visibility. 

  • More automation: AP experts know where the bottlenecks exist and can help you evaluate and re-engineer business processes, harness the power of emerging technologies to streamline even the most time-consuming aspects of the job (like exception handling), and automate more so the company can truly realise efficiency gains.

  • Successful change management: The greatest success factor of new technology is how well and how much people use the solution. The only way this happens is by implementing a proven methodology for properly communicating to employees and garnering their support for changing the way they work. A consultative partner understands the human aspect of automation and will offer business consulting services that can help your organisation transform and show you how to keep the momentum going post-implementation. 

  • Powerful data: AP automation doesn’t just make your existing processes better – it helps you collect and aggregate financial data to identify new cost saving opportunities and create a competitive advantage. You need a partner that can help you make sense of that information through analytics and turn data into actionable insights. 

Ready to learn more and find the right partner for you? Register today to reserve your spot for this webinar.