SSON Report on How to Revolutionise Accounts Payable and Turn AP into a Value and Profit Engine

SSON Report: AP Automation How to Turn AP Into a Value and Profit Engine

SSON Report: AP Automation How to Turn AP Into a  Value and Profit Engine


Revolutionising Accounts Payable – in Shared Services and beyond 

Despite the move towards centralising control of accounts payable (either internally or externally) in order to reduce costs, many organisations have only been able to improve efficiency and productivity to a certain point, overall.

Where can AP leadership take their teams next? 

With the constant need to do more, better and faster, the answer to continuous AP evolution lies in adapting to what best-practice organisations are already doing: seamless, paperless invoice processing from sourcing through to payment. By adopting an AP automation solution, you can benefit from:

  • Streamlined processes

  • Processing time and cost savings

  • Early payment discounts

  • Fewer errors and manual processes

  • Complete visibility over spend and suppliers

  • Integrates easily with existing financial systems

Break through to become a value and profit engine!

Without automation, inefficient processes, late payments and high operating costs are still the norm – but even with automation it’s possible to go further, to drive more value and make AP so efficient and so full of insight that it can lead the way to better business decision-making.

Turn your AP department Into a profit centre with insights from this report, including:

1. The importance of using input data that is already in your control;

2. How to get smarter, improve transparency and shift from cost-minimisation to profit, by way of analytics; and

3. How to shift to profit thinking.

Research by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) combines valuable data, insights gathered from thought leaders and a wealth of relevant experience which comes together in this report that’s well worth reading.

Download SSON’s AP Automation Report now to improve AP and revolutionise business processes forever.