Basware and Van Gansewinkel LP: Adopting an Environmentally Sustainable Invoice Processing System

23 July 2019

5 minute read

Basware and Van Gansewinkel LP: Adopting an Environmentally Sustainable Invoice Processing System

Find out what happened when paper-led organisation, Van Gansewinkel, decided to go digital with the help of Basware. From happier employees and suppliers to zero waste and a sustainable model, the results were impressive.


As a pioneering European supplier of waste services, sustainability is a key component of Van Gansewinkel’s philosophy, which is why in 2010, they decided to transition from paper-based to e-invoicing with the help of Basware.

Prior to this, an archaic invoice processing system was used, with upwards of 45,000 invoices being manually scanned each year -- a laborious task, particularly for an organisation with several locations and thousands of employees.

 “...We decided to have a look at another organisation that was already using the Basware Invoice Processing solution. It was exactly what we were looking for, and was very user-friendly. We were convinced immediately.”  --  Hans Wolfs, Accounts Payable Manager at Van Gansewinkel.

An evolving system to suit everyone’s needs

After implementing e-invoicing, Van Gansewinkel began receiving 30% of invoices digitally. To deal with the remaining 70%, the company used the Basware Scan and Capture solution to efficiently convert paper invoices into an electronic format.

The company has utilised many Basware solutions over the years to fine-tune their workflows, enabling employees and suppliers to manage their time more effectively.

“The comprehensive Basware Network offers suppliers literally every possibility to deliver invoices electronically: automated, manual and even outsourced. The sky is the limit!” says Wolfs.

To infinity...and beyond

When it comes to electronic invoice processing, Van Gansewinkel is future-proof. Soon, when a solid purchasing solution is added to the financial process, their purchase-to-pay process will be complete.

Ready to learn more?

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • How Van Gansewinkel overcame the challenge of getting all suppliers on board with e-invoicing.

  • The different ways that the Basware Network makes workflows easier across Accounts Payable.

  • Van Gansewinkel’s plans to adopt a full purchase-to-pay solution for their business.