Invoice Sending

Soothe the pain of sending paper invoices

Paper Invoice Sending

Give customers the paper they want, while you get the efficiency you need.


Smarter Solutions to Avoid Paper Invoicing

Get rid of paper

Paper invoices = manual effort + expensive processes. Just because your customers want paper, doesn't
mean you have to do manual work. See how you can streamline your invoicing processes while still giving your customers what they need.

Deliver what customers need

Deliver what customers need

Send e-invoices to Basware and we'll make sure your customers who want paper invoices still get them.
Get paid faster

Get paid faster

Speed up time to payment with efficient e-invoicing that cuts delays
Build in tax compliance

Build in tax compliance

Ensure compliance with automatic invoice format conversions and compliance support with country-specific VAT/tax regulations

Paper Invoice Sending: quick guide

If you've got customers who aren't ready for e-invoicing and still want paper there's a ready-made scalable solution.

  • You send e-invoices to a secure Basware address and we'll do the rest
  • You cut your costs, improve efficiency and reduce time delays on getting paid
  • As your customers update their procedures and can process e-invoices, just update their address in the invoices you send to switch them over - it's simple.
  • You keep your customers happy
Paper Invoice Sending
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