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Always be ready for the tax man

Automate your invoice archiving so that documents are kept in the right vaults, in the right locations, meeting local regulation, and most importantly - are easy to search and find when needed either by you or your auditors.

Cut down on workload

Cut down on workload

No more manhandling paper, moving files or worrying about manual controls. Centralised archiving helps to cut down on errors and double work. When you need to find something, it is faster, more reliable and easier to retrieve documents archived using an online solution.
Meet local requirements globally

Meet local requirements globally

Use one global solution - Basware Vault - that supports local compliance in dozens of countries. Users can set up multiple vaults and invoices flow automatically to the correct place and are kept safely meeting local rules.
Safeguard and secure your records

Safeguard and secure your records

Make your records tamper-proof and safe from deletion. Basware Vault uses cutting edge technology, digital signing and unalterable storage solutions to safeguard your records and ensure compliance.

Archiving: quick guide

Run your archiving at a lower cost in a more efficient way

  • Ensure legal archiving and VAT compliance in 30+ countries
  • Set up multiple vaults matching the specific needs of different countries or business units
  • Automatically manage file integrity, data location and retention periods
  • Get an organisation-wide solution, that ensures consistent processes across the globe
  • Create a seamless, start-to-finish solution as you switch to e-invoicing, maximizing efficiency

Improved controls, streamlined archiving processes and centralised management bring peace-of-mind to your record-keeping. Your information is safe because you can:

  • Avoid missing files or opportunities for unauthorized prying eyes
  • Remove unnecessary routines and minimize errors through automation
  • Use digital signatures and cutting-edge security technology

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