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Go paper free to save time and money with Invoice Sending

Sending bills and getting paid is suddenly easier and faster with simple e-invoicing solutions​​​​​​​

Invoice Sending Smarter Solutions

Could you save 40-60% on invoicing admin costs?

See how much you could save with our invoicing calculator.

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See the big picture

See the big picture

Know where your bills are with invoice tracking and increase visibility over accounts receivable.

Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow

Get paid faster with invoices sent electronically - wasting no time on handling and delivery.
Increase compliance

Increase compliance

Simply send invoices and let Basware's compliance support automatically convert them to meet country-specific VAT/tax regulations.

"It is a win-win situation. The main advantages for us are the cost savings, the international legal compliance and the ease of outsourcing."

"In 2009, we have sent about 25,000 invoices via Basware."

The Invoicing Responsible at ArcelorMittal
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KPN, the "biggest paper factory in the Netherlands," cut costs by 60% on its 100 million invoices

Read how our advice transformed billing at KPN

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It is much cheaper for us if the client receives his invoices via Basware.

Analysis shows that some employees can save up to one and a half hours per day with this solution.

Kurt De Smet, Group Manager Finance at Panasonic Energy Europe
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Sustainability goal drives global efficiency

Philips aims to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible. We helped to maximize this core value by providing a global solution that meets compliance requirements and saves paper.

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Staples has fully automated its customer invoice sending from SAP.

"Customers can choose between an interactive or an automated way of working, depending on their profile and the number of invoices they receive."

Rutger Frissaer, eConsultant at Staples Advantage
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Find out how Toshiba reduced invoicing costs by 75%

“Electronic payment and purchasing has clear business benefits. The more you get connected with your customers, the more likely it is that they will stay with you.”

Klaus Dieter Leifgen, IT manager at Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH
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Staples Advantage

Send all your invoices electronically from day 1 – it's that simple

You're familiar with the problem – issuing paper invoices is an intense, manual process with high costs and low efficiency. Mistakes and delays are frequent, causing bottlenecks and late payments. But e-invoices can quickly solve those problems, reducing effort and expense.

Use the Network to send and automatically convert invoices into the formats preferred by your customers. Automating invoice sending gives you better oversight, visibility and control over your accounts receivables. And, because the process moves faster, you get paid faster

3 reasons e-invoicing makes sense in both local and global markets

  • Get your invoices validated and formatted into your customer preferred format. Basware supports over 65 e-invoice formats.
  • Connect to over 1 million current and potential customers in over 100 countries.
  • Make it easier to get paid faster by speeding up the billing process.

Invoice Sending solutions: get paid faster

Whether your key customers are asking you to stop sending them paper bills, or you want to revolutionize your entire invoice process from creation to storage – we can help.

e-Invoice Sending

Simplify your billing process by sending and managing invoices for all customers through one market-leading solution.

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e invoicing market

PDF e-Invoice Sending

Keep sending PDFs and leave it to us to convert them into true e-Invoices that match buyer format preferences.

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Paper Invoice Sending

Go paperless from day 1 and still meet the needs of customers who prefer paper invoices.

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e-invoice printer


Get audit-friendly, automatic, safe storage with easy retrieval of the documents you need and meet compliance requirements.

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cloud document management system
Expert insights

How Toshiba cut invoicing costs by 75%

See Toshiba case study

See Toshiba case study

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