Invoice Receiving

Easily connect with your suppliers with supply chain management solutions

Supplier Management

Invite your suppliers to join Basware Network and keep all of your supplier data up-to-date one place.​​​​​​​

Smarter Solutions for Supplier Invoice Processing

Realize the full potential of e-invoicing because it's so easy for suppliers to join.

Easily encourage your suppliers to join Basware Network

Easily encourage your suppliers to join Basware Network

Invite your suppliers to join with easy self-service campaign tools or let Basware do it for you. No more chasing them - automation will help speed up processes in your supply chain.

Enjoy accurate supplier information in one place

Enjoy accurate supplier information in one place

Invite your suppliers to provide their data and maintain it themselves. Eliminate duplicates, update records and enrich data with essential information using Vendor Data Enrichment, from Dun & Bradstreet.
Optimize your supplier relationships

Optimize your supplier relationships

Gain a holistic view of suppliers you are working with and identify the right supplier mix to meet your organisation's goals.

How to successfully onboard suppliers with e-invoicing

One of the biggest perceived barriers to e-invoicing is gaining supplier adoption. Find out the best approach for sustainable e-invoice adoption, connecting suppliers and setting realistic expectations for success.

Supplier Invoice Processing

Supplier management solutions: the key to better relationships

Having good relationships with your suppliers will help your business thrive. They will give you preferential rates and service in return for sending your business their way.

They are also the key to making cost savings by helping you streamline your supplier management challenges such as non-compliant purchasing and out of date catalogs. There's a variety of ways we can help:

Supplier Engagement

Get help from our specialist, dedicated team to recruit and onboard your suppliers and encourage them to switch to e-invoicing.

More about Supplier Engagement
Supplier Engagement

Supplier Data Enrichment

Get the intelligence you need to optimize your strategic supplier relationships. Enrich and validate your own supplier data against Dun & Bradstreet's business database of over 250 million companies.

More about Supplier Data Enrichment
Supplier Data Enrichment, Suppliers


Make it easy for employees to purchase through preferred suppliers and capture discounts.

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online e-commerce marketplace 

Improve your supplier management

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