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Drive down the costs of invoice processing with e-invoice receiving

Our Invoice Receiving solutions lead the industry in accounts payable automation.​​​​​​​

Invoice Receiving Smarter Solutions

Could you save up to 60% on processing costs for invoices you receive?

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Spend more time on strategy

Spend more time on strategy

Get rid of time-wasting paper and pesky human errors.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Cut workload by automating invoice processing in your AP department.
Save money

Save money

Take advantage of supplier discounts from early pay programs.

We are already using Basware in a few countries, and the solution had a solid track record of results.

As the global leader in power and automation technologies for utilities and industry, ABB receives and processes millions of invoices each year in countries all around the world. 

 Pether Jonsson, Group Vice President
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ADT and Tyco Fire saved £400,000 annually with Basware’s invoice automation solution

In addition to huge cost savings, ADT and Tyco Fire saw increased productivity, with invoice handling time reduced by 75% and annual processing volumes quadrupled.

“Cost cutting is a huge priority for any business. When you see numbers like that, it really highlights the efficiencies and cost savings that automating your processes can bring.”

Steve Katona, Accounts Payable Manager ADT and Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions
Read our ADT and Tyco Fire invoice automation case study

"It is a win-win situation. The main advantages for us are the cost savings, the international legal compliance and the ease of outsourcing."

"In 2009, we have sent about 25,000 invoices via Basware."

The Invoicing Responsible at ArcelorMittal
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How adoption of a T&E solution by 1,500 staff saved managers' time and produced cost savings too.

View Atea case study

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"In short, costs have been reduced, and efficiency has gone through the roof!"

After implementing Basware's accounts payable automation solution with e-invoicing, Bilderberg now receive 80% of its invoices electronically and has reduced the number of employees processing invoices from 40 to 3.

Stéphanie van der Stelt, Manager Finance Accounting and Control, Bilderberg
Read our Bilderberg invoice automation case study

During 2011/12, DWP conducted almost 650,000 transactions through the eMarketplace with a value of over £150 million.

As well as the clear benefits to job seekers, the eMarketplace has unlocked new opportunities for suppliers of training services. In sheer efficiency terms, the Department has been able to reduce the elapsed time to arrange for, deliver and pay suppliers for training from approximately 60 days to six days. Read more about the eMarketplace integration at Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

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In early 2015, DNA received an astonishing 67% of its invoices as true e-invoices.

“No one wants to do manual processing here anymore - they are used to the Basware solution taking care of it automatically.”

Kyösti Bergdahl, Development Manager, DNA
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Finavia cuts suppliers from 8,627 to 3,492 to right size its supplier base

Reduced invoice volumes and bulk discounts save money for Finland's airport operator.

See how Finavia saved money with better P2P

Digitizing eases workflow at Forbo

Having considered 20 potential suppliers Forbo Flooring chose Basware and rolled out the solution to 6 countries thanks to the ease of implementation.

See why Forbo chose Basware
ADT and Tyco Fire
Forbo logo

Invoice Receiving solutions: the key to simple and efficient invoice processing

Wherever you are on the journey to automating your invoices, we have a solution to help you.

e-Invoice Receiving

Get all of your purchase invoices delivered through a single interface.

More about e-Invoice Receiving
e Invoice receiving


Archive your invoices automatically in a secure digital storage environment.

More about Archiving
e-Archiving Services

PDF e-Invoice Receiving

Automate and standardize processing of the PDF invoices sent via email by your suppliers.

More about PDF e-Invoice Receiving
PDF Invoicing

Paper Invoice Receiving

Make invoice processing automatic when you get paper invoices through the mail.

More about Paper Invoice Receiving
Invoice Management

Supplier Management

Find out how to get all of your suppliers on our network so you can easily communicate together in real time, improving the relationship.

More about Supplier Management
Supplier Management

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