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How Basware helps procurement managers

Stop being the compliance police and start focusing on the strategic initiatives that drive growth and elevate your status in the organisation.


How YMCA of the Twin Cities moved controlled spending from 0% to 50% in 18 months

Seeing the savings they were producing helped the YMCA get all its staff on board to bring spending under control. Now they've got 100% in their sights.

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How Basware can help

Change spending behavior across your organisation to increase compliance and spend control, reduce supplier risk, and get everyone goods and services quickly. Create a culture of spend stewardship with a self-managing system that frees up your time to negotiate better contracts, improve supplier relationships, right-size the supplier base, and more...

Collaborate for compliance and control

Collaborate for compliance and control

Make the right buying choice the easiest one for users and deliver a consumer shopping experience that encourages everyone to work together to hit savings targets. They will want to use the system to place orders – every single time.

Save time and produce savings

Save time and produce savings

Eliminate paper and gain critical visibility over the buying process. This empowers you to identify ways to save like, leveraging volume ordering, preventing over-buying, negotiating better rates, minimizing inventory carrying costs, and more.

See all spending data

See all spending data

Gain visibility into both direct and indirect spending to see opportunities to consolidate suppliers and orders, manage rogue spending behaviour, check supplier performance, and produce revenue for the company through reducing costs.

Improve supplier relationships

Improve supplier relationships

Make suppliers' lives easier with automated purchase order creation and delivery, supplier self-service and more on-time payments. Easily manage vendor data and communication electronically and become a preferred customer.

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