VINCI Energies Centralizes Invoice and Order Flow with Basware

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

VINCI Energies Centralizes Invoice and Order Flow with Basware

By 2022, no fewer than 3,000,000 incoming and outgoing invoices, 1 million digitized invoices and over 1 million customer and supplier orders will be managed using the same solution on a global scale.

ESPOO, Finland, December 14, 2017 - Basware, the global leader in networked source-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and innovative financing services, is to roll out its solutions at VINCI Energies in order to streamline and digitize the process of sending and receiving invoices and orders for VINCI’s 1,600 business units.

Streamlining Flows in an Organization with Very Little Centralization
VINCI Energies, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, is a major global player in the fields of digital transformation and energy transition. With a presence in 52 countries, its 1,600 business units provide services to optimize efficiency, reliability and safety in buildings and in energy, transportation and communication infrastructure. VINCI Energies’ operations are not centralized, which creates a dense territorial network and allows intimate relationships with clients thanks to the great autonomy enjoyed by its different business units. Over the past decade, VINCI Energies has experienced considerable growth, accelerated by over 100 acquisitions. This led to the company recording a turnover of 10.2 billion Euros in 2016, a 250% increase over 10 years.

Decentralization, intensified by the group's external growth strategy, has given rise to a marked increase in the use of IT tools. As a result, the CIO took the decision to launch a major rationalization and process-optimization project in order to increase efficiency, productivity and visibility in each VINCI Energies business unit. This is reflected by the decision taken in January 2015 to roll out a single ERP system per country by 2020, in addition to a single platform to centralize processes for invoicing and for client and supplier orders worldwide.

"This transformation was particularly urgent given that the digitization solution that we were using in France for a portion of our outgoing invoices was no longer supported by the provider. Furthermore, as a government supplier, we are obliged to send our invoices electronically via the Chorus Pro portal since January 1, 2017," explains Dominique Tessaro, CIO of VINCI Energies.

Basware: An Innovative and Long-term Solution
The priority of the CIO and internal teams was therefore to replace, in a very short period of time, the newly obsolete electronic invoicing process with an innovative and long-term solution. The second phase involved extending the digitization process to cover intra-group invoices (between VINCI Energies and the VINCI Group), internal VINCI Energies invoices (between different VINCI Energies business units) and supplier invoices. In late 2016, the CIO quickly mobilized a project team comprising representatives of the CIO, the finance department and the purchasing and trade department in order to select a provider with support from Mazars and Accenture.

"We were looking for a long-term partner capable of supporting us worldwide and providing a multi-channel and multi-protocol solution for both sending and receiving scanned paper invoices, PDF invoices and invoices via portal and EDI," said Dominique Tessaro.

Following a Request for Proposal (RFP) involving eight providers, the VINCI Energies’ selection committee chose Basware based on its international presence and the functional coverage of its proposed solutions, which went beyond the requirements established in the specifications. The human and interpersonal qualities demonstrated by the Basware team during the bidding process made them stand out.

Gradual Rollout
The first phase, involving the replacement of the previous solution (383,000 invoices) began in May 2017, with a first activation in July 2017 for Chorus Pro and a few customers using EDI and PDF (email). In October, Basware processing began for incoming and outgoing intra-group and internal VINCI Energies invoice flows in France. In November, the roll out of the solution to eight more countries began: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Australia and New Zealand. By the end of 2017, all potential supplier and customer invoice formats (EDI, PDF, portal, scans) should be managed through the new platform. In 2018, the process of digitizing customer and supplier orders will begin and there will be a gradual rollout of a fully automated system for integrating all invoices into a single ERP system.

VINCI Energies aims to gradually increase the functionality and geographical scope of the solution by 2022, meaning that 3 million incoming and outgoing invoices, 1 million digitized invoices and more than 1 million electronic customer and supplier orders will be managed using the same solution worldwide.

"One of the challenges with such a major decentralization project as ours is the necessity to take into consideration the constraints and specificities of each stakeholder, whether they be a customer or supplier: technical, planning, security, etc.," said Dominique Tessaro.

"Basware’s expertise is vital in these areas, supporting us and helping us to manage internal changes as well as those concerning our customers and suppliers. The reliability of the platform will also be a key factor in the smooth rollout of the solution.

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