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09 feb2018

Automatisering giver kontante fordele

fredag, 9 feb 2018

Med Predictive Analytics (forudsigende analyse) udnytter man data på tværs af eksempelvis indkøbs- og betalingsprocessen til at teste forskellige mulige scenarier. Det hjælper kreditorbogholderiet til at arbejde smartere og træffe velfunderede beslutninger.

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03 jul2017

Hvad kan en sandwichforretning lære os om agil produktstyring?

mandag, 3 jul 2017

Pret A Manger er en britisk kæde af sandwich-butikker. I januar 2007 blev nogle af butikkerne i kæden omdøbt til Pret og nye strategiske initiativer  begyndte at tage form – senest Pret’s udvikling af deres vegetar koncept. En konceptudvikling...

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13 apr2017

Historical and future trends in AP

torsdag, 13 apr 2017

To understand where AP is headed, it’s worth a backwards glance to remind ourselves where we’ve come from. Jimmy LeFever, Research Director at PayStream Advisors, gave an inspiring presentation at last year’s UK Basware Connect event in that...

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07 apr2017

Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning – the New Outsourcing

fredag, 7 apr 2017

Forward-thinking companies are partnering with the right AP automation solution provider who has experience in combining the capabilities of solution, automation, RPA and quality. If you want RPA and machine learning, partner with a provider that is committed...

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07 apr2017

Preparing for Payment Practice and Performance Reporting

fredag, 7 apr 2017

Why is prompt payment a priority in 2017?

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They represent over 99% of the five and a half million private sector businesses that make up UK plc, so they’re crucial to driving...

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17 mar2017

The 3 greatest challenges when introducing e-invoicing in a global shared service centre

fredag, 17 mar 2017

Prior to my work as a business consultant at Basware, I was a P2P specialist at a Swedish multinational telco in their global finance Shared Service Centre (SSC) handling the implementation of their e-invoicing solution. The SSC served locations in 150 differe...

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15 mar2017

Innovation: Marginal Gains vs The Big Idea

onsdag, 15 mar 2017

Nowadays, every business is talking about innovation as a means of competitive differentiation or disruption. But just how realistic is it to strive for continuous evolution, or even revolution? In his session at Basware Connect UK 2016, the Undercover Economi...

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13 mar2017

Drowning in Data?

mandag, 13 mar 2017

Analytics can save your life. Possibly a slight exaggeration, but when you’ve got Analytics like ours in place and you think back to the manual reporting you did previously, it really can feel like a life saver.

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08 mar2017

Go Beyond Parity: How Holistic Purchase-to-Pay Takes Your Company to the Next Level

onsdag, 8 mar 2017

Automation has transformed purchase-to-pay from a manual, time-consuming process to a streamlined buying cycle. Now, with holistic P2P companies can harness the entirety of financial operations to spend smarter, better manage capital, boost cash flow and lever...

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27 feb2017

Applying lean sigma principles to Purchase to Pay

mandag, 27 feb 2017

Lean methodology focuses on maximizing value for customers and the organization by streamlining processes and eliminating waste. The goal is to deliver results faster, more accurately and at a lower cost. The methodology relies on the organizations employees t...

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