Tailored to how you work and your individual mix of solutions, our in-depth training ensures that the right people have the right level of understanding to get the most from the Basware Network. It enables you to develop a common work methodology, helping reduce human errors in the system. The results are maximum cost savings and rapid return on investment.

Special advanced instruction can be arranged for high-end users such as process developers. This delivers a deeper understanding of the solution, further extending your ROI by creating rapid support self-sufficiency.

Training can be customized to meet the needs of the users. They can even be computer-based for easy accessibility, and can incorporate a wide range of topics relating to areas including purchase-to-pay, e-Invoicing, and invoice automation. Training can also be delivered on an ongoing basis to ensure that new employees are system-ready from day one.

Key benefits

  • Basware training is tailored to both the solution and your key business processes and practices
  • We offer training for different user levels ensuring the right people get the right skills
  • Getting the right training will help the project run smoothly and accelerate delivery of the value you expect
  • New employees can be brought quickly up to speed

The better you know your B2B commerce solution, the better it will work for you. The result? Maximum cost savings and a rapid return on investment. That’s why Basware Education Services is an integral part of everything we do.

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