Connected Commerce

The largest open commerce network of active buyers and suppliers – operates in more than 100 countries and connects more than 900,000 companies. The Basware Network masks the complexity of international business and delivers the collaborative relationships your business needs to stay competitive.

Instant collaboration – All of your suppliers and customers can be instantly activated on the Basware Network with zero fuss. Portals, virtual printers and fully integrated connector tools ensure that you benefit from immediate electronic transaction collaboration with all your trading partners.

Easy set-up – A cloud-based platform and over 25 years of experience working with buyers and suppliers means Basware has developed best in class processes for all to enjoy. Unparalleled expertise in B2B commerce, across multiple tax and regulatory environments, means best practice procedures that will optimize your entire commerce lifecycle.

Freedom to trade – On the Basware Network, everyone’s invited to do business. No restrictive silos, expensive memberships or lock-in make it truly “open”. Seamless connections with over 150 international e-invoicing platforms make it the largest inter-operator network in the world.

The Basware Network is the place for networked buying and selling. Buyers and suppliers from all corners of the globe come together in an environment designed to make business quicker, easier and more profitable for all involved.

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