Better Selling

The world’s largest open network of active buyers – Access to more potential customers increases your market for sales revenues. Basware creates a business environment where it is easy to find, engage and transact with buyers, anywhere in the world.

Extend your business reach – Automating key sales processes increases transactional efficiencies and decreases low-value administrative tasks – and with the ability to create and publish catalog content across an international community of buyers, you can immediately extend your commercial reach.

Speed up sales – 100% e-invoicing from Day One means that your invoices are processed quicker. Easy connectivity and customer activation solutions eliminate slow paper processes and make trading with customers more efficient. E-invoicing means payment terms kick in earlier and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) reduces.

Maximize profits - Supply chain financing solutions are available for companies that have a stable financial platform and an optimized financial supply chain. Immediate invoice approvals, financial process visibility and accurate forecasting opens the way for innovative payment and financing solutions to be adopted.

Basware’s order-to-cash and e-invoicing services make the process of selling easier, quicker and more profitable, no matter what the size of your company or field of business.

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