Basware Virtual Printer Downloads


Basware Virtual Printer is a service for sending electronic invoices. The service is based on Basware message client which is a small software installed on your work station or company server. In order to start sending e-invoices via Basware Virtual Printer, you must first download the Basware Message software on your computer. You can find the installation kit for download below. Your Sending ID and an e-invoice address for test invoices are sent to you by email when the implementation of your service begins.

As a prerequisite for the service setup you must collect 5-10 test invoices that represent different invoice types you use. After the Message software is installed you must send the test invoices to Basware and let our delivery team map your invoice fields in our service.

Once the service is set-up all you need to do is add your customer’s e-invoice address in your invoices and choose Basware Message as printer. We convert the print stream into e-invoices and deliver the e-invoices quickly and securely to your customers.

Download Basware Message

According to your Windows version, please select the 32bit or 64bit setup kit version

Which version should I download?

To determine whether the computer is running a 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the Windows operating system:
1. Click the Start button -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> System.
2. In System, the system version is displayed.