UX DESIGNER – User Interface Wizard

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We are looking for a UX designer of the future who is able to understand both the application concepts as a whole and user needs and preferences in a global context. You have a holistic approach and a comprehensive understanding of user needs. You know application architecture like the back of your hand. At the same time, you are able to appreciate the everyday realities and needs of users in the individual lines of business.

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To be the UX wizard we a looking for, you need to know how to pair user needs and wishes with the potential offered by cloud services, and how to create innovative solutions in which user experiences are optimised down to the smallest detail. Fast, agile, modern and scalable procedures are at the very core of your toolkit. You are passionate about being able to respond to the constantly evolving needs of users who represent a diverse range of cultures. You are able to navigate smoothly in the jungle of continually developing technologies and put the designs to critical tests on an ongoing basis.

Our ideal UX designer of the future will lead the way by harnessing the potential of new and existing technologies to come up with innovative ways to solve persistent problems. Device-independence is a given for all your design work.

You are fluent in HTML5. Moreover, you are both eager to learn and capable of embracing new technologies with passion and enthusiasm. Able to release your grip from the past, you do not mourn shortening life spans, but set your sights on the future and new opportunities. As a UX designer of the future, you adjust to the endless cycle of change, never ignoring the continuous advancements being made.