SYSTEMS ARCHITECT – creator and originator of systems

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As a systems architect of the future, you are expected to be a versatile software wizard and technology guru who understands the complex interdependencies associated with application architectures as well as the reciprocal impacts of processes. 

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As a professional creator of systems, you are a master of all areas of technology and have clear ideas of causes and effects. You are familiar with the various databases, open source frameworks and interfaces, and also have the ability to combine them creatively like Lego bricks to provide coherent, agile and scalable systems. You create solutions in collaboration with developers and product owners with comprehensibility, productivity and practicality as your top priorities.

As a systems architect, you brain never ceases to process theoretical, physical and logical concepts. UML is one of your favourites. Code creation is your passion and technological leadership your mission. As a systems architect of the future, you are not only able to create and implement innovative application concepts, you can communicate the situation to your team. You analyze the information retrieved from Big Data sources continuously and critically. While your free time interests may include doing Sudoku or crossword puzzles, at work you are an efficient problem-solver and agile developer. Your workmates include MongoDb, design patterns and Git.