Shared Service Center

Shared service centers (SSCs) have been shown to deliver on cost, quality, productivity, and customer service metrics. However, as they are often viewed as cost centers within a business, they remain extremely cost-sensitive entities. Basware can help reduce the cost of SSC operations and boost their effectiveness with Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and e-Invoicing best practices that create stakeholder value without disruption or complexity. We strive to be a flexible partner that champions the SSC cause, enabling your SSC to be the best it can be.

How do we do it?

Increased standardization to remove complexity

Know what you buy with Basware Procurement
  • Our P2P and e-Invoicing solutions standardize financial processes, with flexible supplier integration and proven ERP-interface capabilities.
  • Our flexible applications balance standardization with evolving stakeholder needs, ensuring cost control and process efficiency as your business grows.
  • The Basware Network will accelerate standardization through efficient supplier on-boarding and integration with your SSC processes through easy e-invoicing, e-order, and catalog management services.

Greater automation to improve efficiency

Know what you buy with Basware Procurement
  • Adopting Basware’s cloud software and service platform brings you more automation with less software, rationalizing P2P systems and masking process complexity.
  • Our solutions immediately eliminate the pressures of manual data entry from your SSC team – reducing errors, improving efficiencies, and freeing up valuable resources.
  • High-volume, multi-language transactional processes are immediately enabled, integrating multi-department, multi-organisation, and multi-ERP workflows easily.

Maximized process optimization to deliver on the SSC promise

Know what you buy with Basware Procurement
  • Basware Analytics delivers actionable, real-time insights across the entire financial supply chain, making it easy to identify opportunities for process, data, and resource-based improvements to SSC performance.
  • Basware delivers easy access to P2P transactional data for all SSC users - offering compelling visualization to provide the insight needed for continuous improvement and better planning.
  • The Basware Network optimizes relationships between your SSC and suppliers, from tactical process improvements through to strategic value creation.

Basware boosts shared service center excellence with enhanced visibility and performance improvements

Shared Service Center