Today, global business covers every time zone and every location with key people often on the move. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the biggest delays in the invoice or procurement processes, often directly resulting in missed discounts, late payment fees or even disruptions in operations, are caused by late approvals.

Basware Mobile delivers anytime, anywhere access to the mobile workforce to a range of key purchase-to-pay activities via native applications across all leading smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices, helping maximize productivity no matter where you are.

Basware Mobile speeds up approvals and queries

Extending accounts payable invoice and purchase requisition processing functions to mobile devices removes the bottlenecks often associated with gaining approvals and resolving queries. Review and approval processes can be completed easily and conveniently on mobile devices by accessing full invoice coding details including comments, history and electronic images of the invoice itself.

Basware Mobile benefits

Enabling mobile access to purchase-to-pay processes delivers:

  • 24/7 access on the go to remove bottlenecks and boost productivity
  • Collaborative processes with quick queries and full audit trails
  • Full visibility into the invoice handling and requisition processes
  • Uninterrupted control of spending in the organization
  • Device independency through web or native applications
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