Basware Purchase

Gaining the greatest value from supplier relationships and consistently buying goods and services at the best prices are key success factors for any business. However, before you can achieve these benefits employees must be on board and eager to buy on contract through an effective e-procurement system. By encouraging compliant purchasing, you bring more spend under management, resulting in increased visibility, control and savings.

Since it’s typically easier and faster for employees to shop off-contract, companies often struggle to increase employee compliance with on-catalog purchasing. Thanks to Basware Purchase, this problem is solved. By creating an easy, convenient and “consumer-style” shopping experience, Basware helps companies to increase compliant spend.

Basware Purchase automates the procurement process, drastically improving collaboration within your organization and across your suppliers, and enabling you to capture greater negotiated savings and value by bringing more spend under management.

The benefits start with empowering employees and improving the end-user experience. Here's how we do it:

  • Maximize spend under management with an enjoyable user experience
  • Accommodate large number of easy-to-find catalog products, services and suppliers
  • Provide one-click requisitioning to make it fast and easy for employees to get what they need
  • Enable best practice workflows to manage requisition review and approval rules, POs and goods receipts
  • Fully automate PO creation with easy e-order or email-based ordering solutions
  • Ensure instant visibility of purchases across the business


Basware Purchase is part of our Basware Procurement solution suite, which connects with the Basware Network to help you easily identify, collaborate and transact with suppliers globally.  Other Basware Procurement solutions include: Basware Catalogs, Basware Contracts, Basware Analytics and Basware Mobile.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Empowering Employees for e-Procurement Excellence

This webinar will explore strategies that are proven to remove common barriers to e-procurement success.

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