Are you realizing the savings in your contracts with suppliers?  Basware Contracts gives you the power, visibility and control to capture the value you negotiated with suppliers through an easy automated process. 

Basware Contracts is a full contract lifecycle management solution that simplifies, automates and monitors contractual opportunities and obligations. You gain the complete real-time visibility you need to track spend and budget compliance against specific agreed-upon terms to realize negotiated savings and value.

With Basware Contracts you also increase the accuracy of cash flow forecasts based on long-term contracts and effectively manage cash by tracking transactional anomalies, budgetary excess and payment timelines.

Here are some of the benefits you receive with Basware Contracts:

  • Value from cross-enterprise visibility of active contracts within a single system.
  • Proactive contract lifecycle management in execution, renewals and close out
  • Control to ensure that  contract creation, approval and activation follow company policies
  • Compliance  in purchasing from existing contracts and realizing negotiated terms, pricing
  • Real-time purchase tracking against contract,  spend and budget
  • Upside opportunities through reports and alerts that allow you to identify and benefit from renegotiation of terms
  • Savings through opportunities to re-evaluate auto-renewing contracts

Basware Contracts is part of our Basware Procurement solution suite, which connects with the Basware Network to help you easily identify, collaborate and transact with suppliers globally.  Other Basware Procurement solutions include:Basware PurchaseBasware Catalogs, Basware Analytics and Basware Mobile.

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Contract management helps decrease supply chain risk and ensures that purchase orders comply with the negotiated contracts at Hungarian Rail.

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