Matching invoices to purchase orders and payment plans provides full accounts payable automation (touch-free processing) when everything goes well and the invoice accurately reflects the order or plan - but what about when the match fails? Even here Basware Match provides valuable partial automation; in cases where the association can be made, the coding and history are still copied to the invoice which is then routed automatically to the best possible person for manual approval.

In this way, Basware Match works to remove as much work as possible from the Accounts Payable Manager, save your company money and speed up the process.

Basware Match benefits

The benefits of matching are crucial to invoice processing systems. You can:

  • Eliminate errors – makes data entry error a thing of the past
  • Gain superior performance – matching rates of 94% are readily achievable
  • Early payment discounts possible with one to three day cycle time

Our dual-action, touch-free matching solution automatically associates, validates and approves your invoices against purchase orders and payment plans. In many cases, this means the majority of your invoices are processed automatically – only the remaining few partially or unmatched invoices need be routed for personal resolution.

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Heineken automated the processing of purchase invoices

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