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Invoice Pro Building Blocks

Basware Invoice Pro is a combination of concrete solutions and cloud services that are combined to provide you a comprehensive solution that is low cost, scalable and robust.

Concrete solutions:
  • Basware Invoice is the invoice processing engine and provides the control over users, organizations and system configuration
  • Basware Mobile ensures access via any iOS, Android or browser based phone or tablet
  • Basware Storage archives all your invoices for rapid search and retrieval
  • Basware anyERP – a Basware middleware solution that has integrated thousands of customers with over 250 different ERPs/Backend systems around the world
Cloud services:
  • e-Invoicing solutions support supplier on-boarding with multiple on-ramps for your suppliers to send e-invoices efficiently and effectively
  • Supplier Activation is a proactive service that supports transitioning your suppliers from sending paper invoices to sending invoices electronically
  • Scan & Capture Service is a global offering that compliments e-Invoicing and ensures full coverage of your suppliers and a 100% electronic invoice processing solution
  • Supplier Portal for all your suppliers, giving them visibility into the process, self-service capability including the ability to send you invoices
  • SaaS services provide different levels of cloud services that reduces your IT costs and improves solution maintenance and support (Basware Invoice Pro can also be delivered on-Premise)


Businesses with a moderate-to-high degree of process complexity require a sophisticated solution to address their challenges. Invoice Pro effectively meets this need by combining ease of use with robust functionality.

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