Invoice Processing

Is your company drowning in paper invoices? Is this causing inefficiencies, payment bottlenecks and poor visibility into your historical spend and future cash requirements? Regardless of the size of your organization or the complexity of your process, Basware has an invoice automation solution to help you overcome these problems and gain immediate benefits.

Invoice processing features

We’ve built in powerful features that help large organizations and emerging businesses improve and manage their invoice processing: 

  • Advanced Workflow Handles Accounts Payable Complexity - Invoice Pro provides an advanced enterprise-class workflow engine with a high degree of flexibility
  • Incremental Improvement and Choice - Invoice Pro is easy to implement - a good first step for companies that want to take an incremental approach to automation
  • More Transparent Processes = Better Cash Management - Invoice Pro delivers real-time visibility and control over all invoices across your organization
  • 100% Paperless Invoice Processing from Day 1 - Basware offers you a range of supplier options to help you achieve 100% paperless invoice processing quickly and effectively

Invoice processing benefits

Our automated solution focuses on both strategic and tactical benefits:

  • Spend visibility that lets you see your spend position for strategic, accurate forecasting
  • Full control over the invoice handling process, workflows, rights and business rules
  • Efficiency that reduces your transaction costs per invoice and streamlines accounts payable

Gain Immediate Benefits from World-Class Processes

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Invoice automation adds value to ABB’s Accounts Payable operations worldwide

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