VDA 4938 Conversion

As a result of changes in legislation and more complex requirements regarding invoice data content, the members of the VDA (the German Association of the Automotive Industry) agreed on a new standard for the exchange of invoice data. This new standard is far more complex than the old 4906 standard, which contained very little information. Updating conversion solutions to the new standard usually requires investment by the supplier.

Basware has therefore developed a quick way for suppliers to implement the new standard with minimal effort. Suppliers simply send existing VDA 4906 invoices to Basware, and we fill in the missing information such as the tax identification number and address details. Suppliers can continue to use ISDN transmission to send invoice data.

Who is it for?

Suppliers supporting only the old VDA 4906 invoice standard.

Key benefits

  • For suppliers: Existing converter infrastructure can still be used, with no additional investment required
  • For receivers: A quick and easy way to comply with the new VDA standard, including all legal requirements such as ensuring input tax deduction

VDA 4938 is an international global invoice standard used by the automotive industry. The old version of this standard, VDA 4906, is still used outside Germany to connect to German car manufacturers.