Basware iSeries module

With Basware iSeries module page and document separators, page margins, as well as font type and size, can all be defined using the graphical user interface. High-performance filters enable the removal of hard-coded print control characters and conversion of character sets. Basware iSeries module stores the form as a TIFF file.

The graphically processed Basware iSeries module spool files then are overlaid digitally onto the stored form. Spool files are normally transferred to a PC using the “copy from spool” command. Basware then converts the graphical invoice file into an e-invoice.

iSeries, formerly AS/400, is an internationally used platform and brand developed by IBM.

Who is it for?

Suppliers who cannot print graphical-format invoices from their iSeries platform.

Key benefits

Rapid, cost-effective method of enabling module data to be used for generating invoice data.

Basware iSeries module enables the reading and formatting of spool files for e-invoice creation.