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Change the game – revolutionize global payments

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Basware’s e-Payments service extends the value of Purchase-to-Pay by providing a unique, global early payment solution.

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Provided in collaboration with our global payments partner, MasterCard, it offers the buyer the ability to extend payment terms while ensuring their suppliers benefits from rapid, guaranteed payment with rich remittance data to boost their cashflows and confidence.

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Transforming how companies make and receive payments

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The service is offered in partnership with MasterCard, the world’s most advanced payments technology company. The collaboration combines MasterCard’s global payments processing network with Basware’s Commerce Network to offer a unique payment solution enabling huge opportunities for both buyers and suppliers. It provides total payment process flexibility for organizations of all sizes and is transforming the way companies pay and get paid.


Benefits for buyers:

  • Boost cash flow and save money: Extend your payment terms, avoid late payment fees, and optimize your Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) performance - all while getting a rebate from your bank.
  • Streamline payment processes: Enjoy simpler, more efficient payment processes and faster, cost-efficient domestic and cross-border payments. Get rid of paper-based checks, too.
  • Improve supplier relations: Take advantage of deep remittance data exchange to boost supplier relationships, reduce supply assurance risk and cut down supplier enquiries.
  • Accelerate e-invoice adoption: Increase supplier e-invoice take-up to deepen the value realized from your own program.


Benefits for suppliers:

  • Make early payments affordable: Boost your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) performance and reduce the need for expensive third-party credit with guaranteed early payments.
  • Improve visibility and control your cash flows: Enjoy greater visibility to receivables, easy remittance reconciliation and deeper collaboration with your customers.
  • Maximize the benefits of e-invoicing: Early payment program will maximize the benefits of e-invoicing: keep your customers happy, save money and time and now: get paid fast.


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Receiving E-invoices


Companies around the world are benifiting from receiving invoice as true invoices. Now we've made it easier than ever for you to do the same. Begin today and see the benifits of yourself.

e-invoice Pro

500 + invoices a month

Receive all invoices as e-invoices with full integration in your invoice processing system.

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  • Easy connection to all financial management systems
  • Basware Commerce Network
  • Portal for suppliers
  • Entering invoices and converting purchase orders
  • Scan and Capture services
  • Supplier Switching Applications

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