You send us invoice data electronically and we’ll make sure invoices get to the right destination in the right format (even on paper). You need never touch another invoice and the likelihood of getting paid on time increases.

Why the Basware Printing Service makes sense

It’s easy to make the switch. You benefit from:

  • A single solution for all your invoicing needs
  • No need for hardware investment
  • An end to low-value work that distract people from their core job
  • Numerous printing hubs to manage your invoices across locations

Get your customers on board

Our Customer Activation service identifies customers who can receive e-Invoices on your behalf and helps them transfer paper invoices to e-Invoices.

Key Printing Service benefits

  • Outsource invoice sending and printing and focus on core business
  • Keep your own processes electriconic so you needn’t compromise
  • Reduce processing times and make the whole process fast and efficient

By combining the Basware Printing Service with e-Invoicing, you can send 100% e-Invoices from day one.

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