Customer Activation

Basware Customer Activation Services are designed to connect your customers to Basware Network. The objective is to minimize paper invoices and provide tools for receiving e-invoices directly to financial systems or by email.

Basware Activation Services help you:

  • Demonstrate the benefits and of e-invoicing to your customers
  • Outline the required steps to get started with e-invoicing
  • Readymade tools to activate your customers
  • Run campaigns via email, telemarketing and deliver a designated web site to get customers on board

If your customer uses another e-invoicing provider then we can still connect them to the Open Network to ensure continuity of service.

Basware Activation Services benefits

  • Cost reductions – the cost of processing an invoice drops significantly
  • Go paperless and eliminate paper invoices
  • Faster payments and improved cash flow
  • Better visibility followed by better reporting abilities
  • Higher customer satisfaction by significant process gains in the receiver end

Sometimes your customers might lag behind you. If you’ve got a vision of reduced cost and complexity with 100% e-invoicing then it’s a challenge you’ll need to overcome.

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