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Now it’s easy to send e-invoices to all of your customers –– regardless of their size or invoice automation capabilities. With Basware Portal you will gain visibility into invoices, save money and improve communication.  As a key benefit, you can say goodbye to paper and printing.

Secure, easy-to-use

The Basware Portal for Receiving enables e-invoices to be sent easily and securely to all of your customers through the Basware Portal. The service is particularly well suited for those of your customers who don’t have an automated invoice processing system or the capability to receive true e-invoices.

Basware Portal handles outreach to your customers, inviting those who have not yet registered to sign up on the portal. All registered customers receive email notification each time you send new invoices, and they have the flexibility to view, sort, store and download these invoices in PDF or XML formats. Invoice data, line items and event history information is presented in a visual format that is easy to read.

Better collaboration

The Basware Portal facilitates better collaboration with your customers. They can easily raise questions or discuss an invoice through the portal, allowing you to quickly address a question or resolve an issue.  Everyone is informed and kept up-to-date on communications, since the portal automatically generates email notification to discussion participants when a new comment is made.  

Better visibility – cash flow insight

The Basware Portal gives you full visibility into the status of all invoices, so you can better forecast cash flow.  You can view all of your sent invoices in the portal, including the ones delivered to customers as true e-invoices, and see which invoices have been opened.  


The Basware Portal lets you send e-invoices quickly and easily to all organizations.  And you’ll enjoy cost savings, cash flow visibility and better collaboration with customers.

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Gain cash flow visibility. Significantly reduce costs.  Send e-invoices to all customers from day one. Basware Portal gives you all this and more – quickly and easily.

Basware Portal
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