Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal benefits

Basware Supplier Portal is a major step to total e-Invoice receiving. The benefits include:

  • Reduction in costly paper invoices as suppliers go electronic
  • Faster transactions with integration to your back-end software
  • Lower error rates and less disputes requiring costly, manual interventions
  • Stronger supplier relationships thanks to greater ease-of-use
  • Real-time invoice tracking for more effective cash flow management
  • Low costs by running the portal as a service

Supplier Portal features

Basware Supplier Portal is delivered as a shared buyer service and it makes supplier e-Invoices easy, fast and accurate. It allows suppliers to:

  • Manage e-Invoices by keying invoices, adding attachments and line items
  • Sign digital signatures to guarantee authenticity and security
  • Flip purchase orders for easy invoicing
  • Correct errors on the spot to prevent payment delays further down the line
  • Begin using sales catalogs for greater accuracy

You can never make it too easy for suppliers to send you e-Invoices. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use supplier portal that is free for suppliers. It’s been shown to deliver a huge spike in received e-Invoices.

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