Supplier Activation

With Basware Activation Services we:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of e-Invoicing to your suppliers
  • Outline the required steps to get started with e-Invoicing
  • Supply the technology needed to get going
  • Set up a supplier activation web site for you
  • Run campaigns via email and telemarketing to get suppliers signed up and on board

Simple e-Invoicing

We make it easy for your suppliers with options to suit the number of invoices they send you each month.

  • Fewer than 10 – connect through the Supplier Portal where registration is free and easy
  • Up to 100 – simply email invoices direct to your invoice processing system,  no technical set up required
  • Between 100 and 500print e-Invoices direct from their computer to your invoice processing system
  • Over 500 – integrate our service with a suppliers’ billing system

If your supplier uses another e-Invoicing provider then we can still connect them to the Open Network to ensure continuity of service.

Basware Activation Services benefits

  • Lower costs – the cost of processing an invoice drops significantly
  • Easy connections – a supplier can connect to you simply and efficiently
  • Go paperless – eliminate paper invoices and aim for 100% e-Invoicing

If your goal is to fully automate invoice processing, then it makes sense to work closely with your suppliers. Basware Activation Services are designed to connect your suppliers to the Open Network so you both get the benefits of e-Invoicing.

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Customer success

Supplier activation supports Cargotec Corporation's accounts payable strategy to reach 100% e-invoicing

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