Scan and Capture

Scan and Capture helps when you want to:

  • Get rid of paper invoices and manual processes
  • Improve and automate your invoice processing
  • Move to 100% electronic invoicing
  • Add greater scalability to scanning processes
  • Adopt best practices in capture and validation
  • Enable automated matching

Basware Scan and Capture Services takes in paper and email invoices from your suppliers and transforms them into e-Invoices.

The invoice scanning process with Scan and Capture Services

Using Basware Scan and Capture Services to handle your inbound invoices involves four key steps:

  1. Sorting incoming invoices (both paper and email) on arrival
  2. Scanning invoices with the best, compliant technology
  3. Validation, extraction and checking of invoice data to ensure errors are managed
  4. Dispatching an e-Invoice to your invoice processing system

Scan and Capture features

You don’t need to deploy any software or hardware to get access to some of the world’s best scan and capture features. Here’s what you get:

  • Latest scanning and data capture technology on the market
  • Experienced invoice experts handling, sorting and managing your invoices.
  • Cutting-edge matching technology to prevent processing delays
  • Higher automation levels to eliminate errors and risk
  • Greater production capacity to manage rapid increases in invoice rates

Getting suppliers on board

We’ll help to get your suppliers using the Supplier Portal as part of a supplier activation program. We educate your key suppliers on the benefits and the best option for sending you e-Invoices.

Every paper invoice you receive adds complexity. They’re time-consuming and distract employees from delivering value to the business. Ultimately, of course, they cost you money.

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