Plus you can run it for a fraction of the cost. In addition, you can:

  • Respond quicker to requests from suppliers and colleagues
  • End expensive, inefficient paper management
  • Gain fast and accurate insight into a supplier’s commercial history
  • Ensure a full audit trail is easy to find and present

Basware e-Invoice Archive ensures you get the maximum benefit from every e-Invoice you receive.

Archiving features

You’ll get key features to ensure you meet security, control and regulatory demands, including:

  • Being able to view archived invoices, metadata, audit trail and related files
  • An intuitive web interface so you can easily search all invoice information
  • Secure access to control access to documents

The benefits of e-Invoicing go deeper than simply receiving e-Invoices. They also mean you can transform an inefficient paper warehouse into a secure, simple electronic archive.

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