Virtual Printer

Basware e-Invoice Virtual Printer is the quick and easy way to get started with e-invoicing. You carry on printing your invoices as usual, with the only difference being that you print them virtually, directly to Basware. We take care of everything else, from data validation and format conversions to legal compliance and, where required, digital signatures. Your customers receive their electronic invoices via the Basware Open Network – the world’s largest open e-invoicing network.

Why virtual printing makes sense

Virtual printing eliminates the hassle and costs associated with printing and sending paper invoices by post. Once the service is set up, all you need to do is add your customer’s e-invoice address to the invoice recipient field and choose Basware as the printer. Once we receive the virtual printouts, we convert them into e-invoices and send them to your customers.

Basware e-Invoice Virtual Printer is the ideal solution for businesses with relatively low monthly invoice volumes of around 500 or less. You don’t need to make any changes to your invoicing processes or software, and you can start saving from day one.

Benefits of Basware e-Invoice Virtual Printer

  • Meet customer requirements for e-invoicing
  • Easy to set up – install the Basware Message software, send your test invoices, and we set up the service
  • Easy to use – you continue with your familiar invoicing process and software, and we take care of everything else
  • Save time and money from day one by eliminating paper, printing, and postage costs

Key features

  • From print to e-invoices – XML data and PDF invoice image
  • Automated e-invoice sending
  • Country-specific standard invoice content
  • Attachments supported (in PDF or TIFF format)
  • Easy-to-install software client for data transfer
  • Digital signatures available as an additional service (see ‘What is a digital signature?’ below)
  • Full visibility over invoices sent and their current status via web based monitoring tool (Basware Transactions Monitor)

Detailed information and instructions

How it works

With Basware e-Invoice Virtual Printer you can create invoices using any program and print them as e-invoices. The service is based on our Basware Message client, which is a small piece of software installed on your workstation or company server.

After creating an invoice, you simply add your customer’s e-invoicing address to the invoice recipient field. This address is used as a unique identifier to ensure that the invoice reaches the correct recipient (see ‘What is an e-invoice address?’ below). Once the invoice is ready, select Basware as the printer and you’re done – we take care of converting the invoices into e-invoices and deliver them to your customers via the Open Network.

What is an e-invoice address?

It is a unique number allocated to senders and receivers of e-invoices. It is normally derived from the VAT, DUNS, or other company code. You will need to ask your customers for their e-invoice addresses before you can start using the service.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature ensures the data integrity of the invoice during the sending process. If you are sending invoices from a country that requires digital signatures to be added to e-invoices, or if your customer is located in such a country, Basware can digitally sign your e-invoices for you.

Once your customer has received the invoice, you can download the digitally signed copy to your local archive from the Basware Transactions Monitor tool, where you can also view a history of all your sent invoices and track the progress of invoices that have not yet been received.

Easy to set up

  1. Once you have ordered the service, simply install our small software client to your workstation or server. We will send you by email a link to software download page, sender ID and support you in installation and configuration of the service
  2. As a prerequisite for the service setup please collect 5-10 test invoices that represent different invoice types you use.
  3. Once the software installation is done send the test invoices to us using the virtual printer.
  4. We will inform you after we have processed your test invoices and your service is set up

Easy to use

  1. Contact your customers and ask for their e-invoice addresses.
  2. Add your customer’s e-invoice address to the invoice recipient field with prefix E: (e.g.E:123456, where 123456 is the e-invoice address).
  3. Choose Basware as the printer and press print. It’s that easy! We will convert the invoices into e-invoices including the invoice data file and the invoice image, as well as any invoice attachments.

If you send a relatively low volume of invoices, you can start realizing the benefits of e-invoicing without any changes to your invoice software or processes.