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We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer of the future who is a born full-stack developer and lives and breathes JavaScript and HTML5 as well as Scala and Groovy. Your areas of expertise cover both user interfaces and server technology. You display a virtually telepathic connection to the product owner’s hard drive making it possible to interpret, adapt and challenge the product owner’s requirements and solutions in such a way that they serve the long-term functional and technological purposes of the entire application.

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As a SSE, you are committed to producing first-rate code and innovative solutions as well as learning new technologies and ways of working. You possess a built-in capacity to always resolve issues more simply, elegantly, efficiently and productively from the point-of-view of the entire team. As a successful SSE of the future, you are capable of independent decision making with due regard to others.

The first-rate Senior Software Engineer we are looking for draws upon the open-source code testing it constantly without questioning. Agile and Lean are your most important colleagues. You find it natural to generate scalable solutions on an ongoing basis, understand the greatest depths of relational databases and know what NoSQL is capable of. As a Senior Software Engineer, you are able to build applications incrementally in the form of weekly releases, while at the same time maintaining the elegance of the architecture and the applications.

As a successful SSE candidate, you are able to navigate nimbly in the international environment putting in your best performance both locally and internationally. You want to make a difference and create applications that are truly significant.

As a SSE, you take great pleasure in acronyms like GIT, JSON, XML, MongoDB, Chef, JMeter, TDD, CSS, DevOps and so forth. For you, Front-end, Silverlight, Visual Studio and Knockout are not free-time pursuits or B.Sc. and M.Sc. university degrees. As a Senior Software Engineer, you are able to work with the technological challenges represented by each of these abbreviations.