PRODUCT OWNER – King of the Total Solution

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We are looking for a product owner of the future who always holds a crystal ball in one hand: to foresee needs that customers and users themselves are not yet aware of. You keep record of functionality and vital feedback. As a product owner of the future, you are capable of splitting projects into logical components and visualising the final solution as a clear-cut and highly functional whole. As a result, our customers are constantly offered small titbits that provide the opportunity to test whether the project is moving in the right direction.

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As a smart product owner, you know the ground rules of virality inside and out, and understand the realities of exponential growth. You are able to sow the seeds of a service in a form that grows into something that is easy to grasp and achieve. You know how to simulate a business and prepare a hypothesis on this basis. After this, you will devise a set of valid indicators to test the hypothesis in terms of approach and technology. As a guru, you know how to subject the selected models to rigorous testing and change direction in the blink of an eye if warranted by user needs.

As a successful candidate, you are able to lead developers into a team to work on a shared problem in great depth. Your strength lies in fluent and inspiring communications responsive to different cultures. You speak Scrum and subscribe to the Lean Start-up philosophy. Web and mobile technologies are daily bread for you. An analytic approach is the driving force that propels you forward.