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early payment financing webinar




Early payment financing webinar with David Gustin



United States
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Early payment financing webinar with David Gustin

Early payment is often powered by electronic invoices and accounts payable automation. Too often, the financial supply chain is optimized for the buyer. We believe it should work for everyone's benefit. Companies should leverage their financial supply chain to transform vendor relationships, boost working capital performance, and free up cash flow for both suppliers and buyers.

Join us for this webinar on March 9th with David Gustin of Global Business Intelligence (GBI), a leading industry voice for global trade and the financial supply chain. Basware recently participated in a commissioned study where GBI interviewed CEOs and Treasurers at mid-market companies in North America.

We will explore the following subjects in this webinar:

  1. The importance of Early Pay Finance to businesses in North America with regards to existing liquidity and working capital options
  2. The landscape of Early Pay Finance over the next five years in comparison to emerging alternative business finance techniques
  3. The proliferation of B2B commerce and its impact on mid-market suppliers with their large customer ecosystem, particularly when the use of portals comes into play

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Webinar starts on March 9th at:
9am PST (Pacific Standard Time, USA)
12pm EST (Eastern Standard Time, USA)
5pm GMT (London Time)
6pm CET (Central European Time)
7pm EET (Eastern European Time)

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